Welcome To

Yes Movement

Your Economic Socialist Movement (YES) is an organization that believes in the unity of all South Africans and is striving for economic freedom. We are non-political and are striving to represent all South African citizens without bias. YES is an independent movement that strives to uplift the people of South Africa without favouring any political party.

Your Opinion Matters


The YES movement is committed to fighting corruption, to the protection of the jobs of our people, and to the recognition of our right to have a say in how our country is being governed. We are working to build a society where we are united and equal.

We ensure that we are independent

Ideologically and represent the interest of the people without favour. The YES Constitution sets out the principles of our economic beliefs.

YES is a movement that provides a platform for individuals to come together and speak with one voice.

The YES movement is committed to transparency and accountability and through this, we want to change the way politics and democracy work in South Africa.

Our Aim

The movement aims to work with all other sectors in society to restore the dignity of the people of South Africa. The YES movement is an organization that owes its existence to its members, and it aims to serve them in every way possible.


It’s also about shining light on the corruption within private sectors in our country. A non-politically Affiliated movement that believes in South African unity and economic freedom for all citizens and ensures that we are independent ideologically and represent the interest of the people without favor. As a Civil Society Group, we believe in transparency, and we encourage all South Africans to become transparent with everything that they do.

Transparency is not limited to the government